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Apple App of the Year 2017 - Affinity Photo for iPad!

Posted on December 07 2017

It's always a rather geeky, techie moment when you get really excited about an App.

In this case the excitement for this year's Apple App of the Year 2017 - Affinity Photo for iPad, developed by Serif (Europe) - is becoming widely appreciated in the design and photography industries. It's also giving some of the options that have dominated the market for a long time, a run for their money (we all know who I mean) and not before time.

For those of us using our lovely iPadPro's on a daily basis to create beautiful things, this is a tool that will open up so many wonderful opportunities for creatives - it will inspire our imaginations and enhance our design/photographic creations.

I've just downloaded this App (which I meant to do many months ago, but got distracted and forgot about it - story of my life) and I simply can't wait to get stuck into using it. 

Great work Serif - can't wait to see what else you come up with over the next few years - I'll be watching with anticipation of great things!

If this is your thing too, head over to their website now as they've got the App on sale for  £9.99 - HALF PRICE! Even at full price it is worth every penny, so this is a no brainer! 
This great offer only lasts til 12pm on Saturday 9th November.
Don't miss out! 



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