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Welcome to Colour My Dreams!

Posted on November 05 2017

Sitting on my sofa after work most evenings for the past 12 months since I bought my iPadPro, has been spent relaxing in front of the telly, usually with my daughter and/or son and doodling on said iPad. Some of these doodles started to look quite good, even if I do say so myself. I could see they had potential for printing onto products, fabric, wallpaper, giftware, greeting cards, etc...


With an ever increasing frustration to find new clients for my graphic design business (that's another story), I decided that it was time to try a different approach and venture into the retail sector with my designs. Hence Colour My Dreams was born.

Why the name? It's really tricky coming up with a name for a new business, but I had a vague idea about what I wanted and knew that it had to include the word 'colour' somewhere.  All my drawings and patterns tend to use lots of bright colours so it was an obvious choice. I guess the 'dream' bit was a reference to me thinking about starting something new, something that I'd only dreamt about before now. Will anyone else actually like my designs? Will anyone buy them? I'd never know unless I tried. Unbelievably, the domain name was available! It was a sign maybe.

So, I'm giving it a try. Feel free to comment, leave feedback on any of my social media platforms or simply say 'hi'. Criticism is fine and suggestions are always welcome. I'll respond as soon as I can. Thanks for visiting - hope you like what you see.


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