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Colour My Dreams was a natural progression after many hours spent doodling, drawing and hand lettering on my iPadPro.

After many years of sitting in front of a computer creating designs for clients I decided it was time to go back to basics and put pen to paper again. Well, not exactly pen or paper, but Apple Pencil to iPad - the purist may consider this to be cheating, but we have to find our comfort zone and for me, using this technology allowed me to create and combine these creations with my skills as a designer.
The tools of my trade are there to be used, the skills I've gained over the years are then put to good use and I can hopefully produce designs that the consumer might enjoy.

(Just for the record - I do occasionally enjoy the pen and paper experience too.)

 Drawing is a skill that can be honed, not all of us are a natural Picasso or Hockney, but with practise and patience you can find your own style and begin to enjoy the process and like what you see - and hope that someone else will like what they see too.

It was a case of do I just enjoy the drawing process and leave it at that, or do I put those doodles to good use and create a business out of it. I went for the latter. It may be a slow start, but with time I hope that the buying public will discover my work, like it and buy it.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has any suggestions for designs, or maybe a collaboration. Feedback is always good too - if you love what I'm doing it'd be great to know, if you think I could do with a few tips then please feel free to share your own experiences and advice. (Please be nice - I'm a sensitive soul. As great as it is to receive constructive criticism, it's not great to receive nasty comments.)

I hope Colour My Dreams offers you a few ideas for gifts for the special people in your life or a little treat for yourself. Enjoy!

If you want something specific, please contact me to discuss your needs. I love having a bespoke project to work on.